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Hai guyss. I'm Savannah. Known as Sazz or Bob(Pronounced Boob). I'm 16 and a Junior in High school. Florida Grown. Um I guess thats about it??? I like art, and photography so yeah. I also post random stuff so Enjoy my blogc:
Listen, smile, agree, and then do whatever the fuck you were gonna do anyway.Robert Downey Jr. (via wordsnquotes)


trying to be a part of conversations like


The most difficult girls, are usually worth it.(via ohlovequotes)


the only dates i need are tour dates



18: Most traumatic experience

Most recent was in March.

I was woken up by the sound of my brothers girlfriend’s blood curdling terrified scream calling my name asking for help. So I jumped out of bed and found him standing over her while she was on the floor, she was pregnant, and he was beating her, and slapping her across her face. I can’t get the sound of her scream or the slaps out of my head.

So I screamed at him and tried pushing him off her and well, he’s a body builder so he’s 3X as big as me and just kinda threw me across the room.

I ran back into my room and tried calling the cops, while I was on the phone with the dispatcher, a could feel him standing behind me, I couldnt breathe I was so scared. I hung up the phone because the dispatcher kept trying to talk to me “Angela, what’s his name? where are you? are you there? we have help on the way. Angela tell me his name!”.

He knew I was talking to someone on the phone, so he came to get me to stop, at least I was distracting him from what he was doing before. He started talking softly “Angela who was that? were you on the phone? who were you talking to?” I didn’t know what to do, I didnt wanna make him any more angry so I just stood in front of him eyes closed fists clenched. Then he started screaming “who the fuck was on the phone angela!?” so I said I didnt know. “Dont you lie to me angela dont you FUCKING lie to me”..So I told him it was the cops.

He was standing over me now, the same way he stood over his girlfriend. As if he had so much fucking power. I hated that. I didnt want to be scared of him anymore. So I stood up and looked at him face to face, nose to nose. I was crying so hard all I could do was look at him, I couldnt talk. But I just stood there, looking him in the fucking eyes, fists and jaw clenched, tears coming down my face sobbing, but I didnt look away. All I could let out was “I’m not scared of you.” Then he went to him room til the cops came. 


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